Brittney Jones Sex Tape goes viral!

Where she is doing it really?

‘Shawshank redeption’ is considered to be the best movie about prison. Now we’ve got a new video that claims to be called the best movie about courtroom. Not a ’12 angry men’ remake it is, no, there are no ordinary cases about it, no trials, no judge, no evidence, no plaintiffs and defendants. It goes farther than that.

Florida does good

A girl does blow job in the courtroom. We are telling you what it is right away. Then she makes sex with her partner. Florida is a hot state, and when it is hot it influences the inhabitants. The lady giving this oral sex in Duval County courtroom is Brittney Jones from Jacksonville. Now actually on the run from the police.

Jacksonville presents Brittney Jones

Brittney used to work in Jacksonville topless bar ‘Cocktails Bar & Lounge’ designed for adult features and entertainment. Premier venue in town gave her some experience obviously inside and outside the stage. She wrote about her something in twitter like ‘This kitty is super healthy. Nothing better than a healthy prostitute’. That was written after visiting the doctor and doing some tests of her thing. The story tells that she could carry drugs to jail. There is nothing similar with sex but it tells a lot: she can do things that are not easy to perform. To public she is mostly known for her extravaganza, like back in 2015 when she uploads some hot stuff on twitter. Felattio act was commented by her:
‘To all my fans and haters. People judge what I do in a negative way because I date to be me openly and not hiding the real me. Okay, I’m a super freak, I’m not the first or last of my kind. I’m just different than the rest because I don’t hide it nor deny it.’

Brittney Jones in the courtroom

‘This is me 365 days a year. I love me and my crazy life. I have no regrets or complaints… As long as I’m happy I could care less about your complaints about my happiness!’
So when it came to this story in the courtroom she was already something. She filmed the footage herself and posted it in twitter. The video was too graphic for TV and the only thing you can see in the news was something like this from Phillip S. in Advise show news. It’s hard to find words for this story, but Advise show anchorman shares his opinion on it all honestly. What we know is that Brittney is concentrated on her performance and knows that it looks nice. Now she pays for that – an integrity investigation goes on in Duval County Courthouse.

What is the real name of Brittany Jones in porn industry

This viral footage was not the only one. The whole story was filmed by courtroom video surveillance. But when there are no witnesses, there is no crime. Plus. The last thing we tell you is reveal the name under which she does her porn. It is Serenity Williams. Check it out!

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